AI/ML for building Intelligent Supply Chains

An Intelligent Supply Chain integrates data, automation, and advanced analytical technologies to bring efficiencies and reduced costs to different parts of the supply chain. It can be a source of strategic advantage to an organization by enhancing customer experience. It … Read More

Learn how to build and deploy tool-using LLM agents using AWS SageMaker JumpStart Foundation Models

Large language model (LLM) agents are programs that extend the capabilities of standalone LLMs with 1) access to external tools (APIs, functions, webhooks, plugins, and so on), and 2) the ability to plan and execute tasks in a self-directed fashion. … Read More

Google Research Introduces MediaPipe FaceStylizer: An Efficient Design for Few-Shot Face Stylization

Researchers and consumers have shown increasing enthusiasm for smartphone applications that combine augmented reality (AR) in recent years. This allows users to generate and alter facial features in real time for short videos, VR, and games. Face generation and editing … Read More

Making sense of all things data | MIT News

Data, and more specifically using data, is not a new concept, but it remains an elusive one. It comes with terms like “the internet of things” (IoT) and “the cloud,” and no matter how often those are explained, smart people … Read More

Qubit Magic: Creating Mythical Creatures with Quantum Computing | by Kory Becker | Sep, 2023

TUTORIAL Generating beautiful images with qubits and large language models. A mythical creature with the quantum state vector [1/√2 e^(π/2)i 1/√2]. Source: Stable Diffusion. Think about the nature of a single qubit. It may not appear all that magnificent at … Read More

Build a classification pipeline with Amazon Comprehend custom classification (Part I)

“Data locked away in text, audio, social media, and other unstructured sources can be a competitive advantage for firms that figure out how to use it“ Only 18% of organizations in a 2019 survey by Deloitte reported being able to … Read More

What’s Next in Protein Design? Microsoft Researchers Introduce EvoDiff: A Groundbreaking AI Framework for Sequence-First Protein Engineering

Deep generative models are becoming increasingly potent tools when it comes to the in silico creation of novel proteins. Diffusion models, a class of generative models recently shown to generate physiologically plausible proteins distinct from any actual proteins seen in … Read More

How an “AI-tocracy” emerges | MIT News

Many scholars, analysts, and other observers have suggested that resistance to innovation is an Achilles’ heel of authoritarian regimes. Such governments can fail to keep up with technological changes that help their opponents; they may also, by stifling rights, inhibit … Read More

Build and Play! Your Own V&L Model Equipped with LLM! | by Yuichi Inoue | Sep, 2023

In the research papers on GIT models, it was explained that a strong vision encoder is utilized and random parameters are adopted for the language model. This time, since the goal is to ultimately use a 7B-class language model, a … Read More

Fine-tune Falcon 7B and other LLMs on Amazon SageMaker with @remote decorator

Today, generative AI models cover a variety of tasks from text summarization, Q&A, and image and video generation. To improve the quality of output, approaches like n-short learning, Prompt engineering, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and fine tuning are used. Fine-tuning … Read More